Sunguard Military Corps

Sunguard Military Corps is an expansion of the Sunguard conglomerate. SMC operates as a military wing and private transportation company to its affiliates and those who have security contracts with Sunguard. SMC caters to its customers needs by transporting personnel, weapons, items, droids, ships, raw materials, as well as provide a military escort to make the delivery of the valuable goods safe and reliable. Also within SMC, is an extensive academy to train new recruits in urban warfare, stealth, melee combat, fighter piloting, freighter piloting, and even train young commanders the role of capital ship procedures.  This extensive training is the pride of the Sunguard Military Corps. Every graduate of the academy is sworn in on oath, and prepared to serve under the Sunsect Code. So if you have a small company, or large corporation, SMC is ready to protect your valued goods, transport them in a timely manner, and deliver them in any region of the galaxy, whether it be hostile or not. And with your goods insured with SMC, you'll always have a partner in the transportation service.

Now Recruiting

Sunguard Military Corp is now seeking new members of all experience levels.
We are committed to our excellent training programs and academies with the goal of helping sentients to achieve their dream of becoming fierce warriors, naval commanders, generals in the grand army, and even great and powerful Sith. Whether starting as a recruit and working their way up, or joining as an independent associate, options are unlimited in creating a future for yourself with SMC. For those who are just getting started, SMC offers competitive salaries, starting at 1,000,000 credits per month, with a 1,000,000 credit signing bonus after the first three weeks. For experienced members, salary is negotiable depending on experience. Other benefits available to members include the use of SMC freighters and fighters while employed, the use of a faction owned personal residence to keep your things after 3 weeks, and asset assistance to get your trading career started. Independent Associates do not earn a salary or qualify to earn any ranks within Sunguard Military Corps.